Winter 1889

On Monday a young Blacksmith from Southbury, a native of this town, was driving down the hill above the center, both horse and drive "full" of good spirits. But when they struck the drift above the church the sleigh was capsized and the driver spilled out while the horse dashed on, but left the sleigh near the guidepost. Then the horse was captured and taken to Peck's store. The harness was repaired and the team started off as guily as ever. Before it reached the road the sleigh struck a rock and horse, driver and cutter were all landed in the ditch, well mixed up together. The driver held on until compelled to let go; then the horse ran through Mr. Bryant's yard and over Peck's woodpile where he again left the sleigh, then ran through a narrow passage between some outbuildings and all around Bryant's meadow before again being captured. The harness once more repaired, the team again started off with the driver considerably sobbered down by his experience.

Source: Von Toble Scrapbooks of actual newspaper article