Diary of the Four Corners School

Transcribed from a Scrapbook belonging to Jane Cooke Richardson
Donated to the Harwinton Historical Society in 2017


In most cases spelling errors were not corrected

Wednesday, January 25, 1939
It was very windy today. Our flag caught on the top of the pole. Elmer, Martin and Paul had to shimmy up the pole to get the flag down. We made many different kinds of Valentines. Some were rabbits holding valentines and others were ducks holding valentines. The third and fourth grade finished their maps of the different schools of Harwinton. The seventh and eighth grades finished their mid year tests. Jane Cooke had to stand in the fire place, as a punishment. The first and second grades are making Indain [sic]Booklets. Some of the boys and girls went down to the brook. As a punishment they had to stay in school that afternoon.
Doris Melius, Grade 7

Friday, January 27, 1939
Today Mr. Mills came and brought the black solution to make the blackboards blacker. We got our new library box and Mr. Chiron said he would fix the rope on our flag pole. Miss McCarthy had to order another flag for the old one was torn so much on the top of the pole. Jane and Paul had to stand in the fireplace because they disobeyed. Paul had his name taken off of the black list. The sun shone bright all day long. Our current events are running out and we will have to renew them or get news from a paper or the radio. Today we dipped our jars in oils and they came out very good. Each one in is made up of many different colors.
Elmer Melius, Grade VI

Monday, January 30, 1939
Today it iced and snowed hard. Evelyn and Paul went home early because of the weather and also because a man came to give them a ride. We all did our work well, so no one had to take a punishment. We made more valentines of different kinds.
Eva Fenn, Grade 8

No date but likely Tuesday, January 31, 1939
It was cold today so Evelyn and Paul Moghob stayed at home. We had a very hard blizzard. Nothing very much happened today.
Emily Mednansky, Grade V

Wednesday, February 1, 1939
The sun shone all day. Monday we had a very hard blizzard, which made the trees icy. When the sun shone on the ice it made the trees very beautiful. The seventh and eighth grades saw their marks they had on the tests. They all passed their tests successfully and were 20 points or more above their grade.
Doris Melius, Grade 7

Thursday, February 2, 1939
To-day was snowy and raining and then turned into sleet. The nurse came and told us about Florence Nightingale. Florence was a nurse who improved the hospitals and helped the soldiers. Many hospitals have been named in memory of her. We enjoyed Miss McElhone’s visit today. Today was “ground hog” day. It was cloudy all day so he did not see his shadow. This means that spring is on its way.
Evelyn Moghob, Four Corner School, Grade 6

Friday, Feb. 3, 1939
Paul Moghob had to go in the fireplace for some time. It was very rainy out. Jane sat in her old seat today. Doris finish the map after the Rev (?). Eva worked on our Educational Road map. Everybody made Valentines today.
Martin Szczesniak, Grade 8

Monday, February 6, 1939
Today the weather was very good. Mr. Schroeder came by to visit us on a business call. He will give us violin lessons once a week. The first lesson will cost two dollars if you don’t have a violin and if you do it will only cost fifty cents a lesson only when you have your own violin. Eva, Paul and Emily are going to take them at noon or after school. He will take two at each lesson each plays fifteen minutes and listens to the other fifteen minutes. We hung up some more valentines in our room today.
Elmer Melius, Grade VI

Tuesday, February 7, 1939
Tuesday it snowed in the morning and the sun shone bright in the afternoon. Mr. Schroeder came today to find out who was going to take violin lessons. Eva Fenn and Paul Mednansky are going to take their first lesson Wednesday the 15th.
Doris E. Melius, Grade 7

Thursday, Feb. 9, 1939
To-day was a sunny day. It was cold in the morning with rising temperatures during the forenoon [morning] and afternoon. We received our new flag. It was very good sliding and the boys made an extension on our slide. We planned for our Valentine party which will be held on Tuesday, Feb. 14, 1939. Jane, Evelyn and I worked on our Valentine box. I planned games for the party which required some drawing, which I made on a charts and the black-board. Paul Mednansky, Jane and Doris and Evelyn colored the drawings.
Eva Fenn, Grade 8

Friday, February 10, 1939
Today the weather was snow and sleet or rain all day long. Mr. Mills came today and told us the story of the three watches. One ran all the time and the second watch ran some times. The third one didn’t run at all. He asked Miss McCarthy if any of us didn’t run, go slow or go fast. Then he gave us an example to do. It was to add one fourth, one fifth, and one sixth. Doris got the answer first. It was 319/420. He gave Doris a 1905 nickel and Martin got the answer second so Mr. Mills gave Martin an old nickel. He gave us a problem for next time. This morning we made valentine girls out of paper doilies. We also finished our valentine box for our valentine party.
Elmer Melius, Grade VI

Tuesday, February 14, 1939
It was foggy all day today. We had a new window put in the hall. Martin fixed the flag rope and we put up our new flag. We had our Valentines party that afternoon. The first game we played was to see who could put an arrow nearest the center of the heart. Paul Moghob won this game. The second was to see who could get the marshmellow [sic] into his or her mouth first. Evelyn Moghob won this game. Next we tried to put two erasers through the hole of a heart, that was cut out of cardboard. Martin Szczesniak won. The last game was to see who could get the most words out of the word valentine. Doris Melius won this game. The prizes were lollypops. After we played the games Eva and Jane gave out the valentines. Refreshments were served. We all had a very nice time at the party. Mr. Castelli brought some wood to us. He brought his girl Eileen Castelli with him. We invited her to our party.
Doris Melius, Grade 7

Wednesday, February 15, 1939
Today the wind blew hard around noon. The temperature was about thirty two above zero. The sky was gloomy and it snowed about one eight of an inch at noon. It blew so hard and the wind was so warm that we thought the wind would reach gale force. Mr. Schroeder came with Eva’s and Paul’s violin. He said Paul would have to cut his finger nails or he would hit the strings that he didn’t want while playing.
Elmer Melius, Grade VI

Friday, February 17, 1939
Today it was sunny all day. The Four Corners Busy Readers held their meeting today instead of Wednesday. Donal Melius told the story of Mother Goat and Her Kids. Elmer Melius told the story That’s Nothing to Me. Evelyn Moghob told the story Lion Loose. Jane Cooke, as guest, told the story of Anthony Ant. Elmer Meliius was best story teller. We drew pictures of winter and spring.
Doris Melius, Grade 7

February 20, 1939
To-day started out to be cloudy, but in the afternoon it cleared. Mrs. Castelli came to visit us to-day to find out if her little girl could come to school for the next three months. If she can, Bob will pick her up when he goes after the others. To-day made us feel that spring was really on its way.
Eva Fenn, Grade 8

Tuesday, February 21, 1939
Today Helen Plaskett came to school for the first time here. She is in the second grade. At three thirty Mr. Schroeder came to give Paul and Eva their violin lessons. Bobby and Jane aren’t her today because they are sick. It is very cloudy out. Eva and Doris are making a map on the U.S. in 1805.
Martin Szczesniak, Grade 8

Wednesday, February 22, 1939
It was a sunny day today. Nothing very much happened today. Today is George Washington’s birthday. He was 207 years old. We had a teachers meeting, so we didn’t have to go to school this afternoon. The teaches meeting was held at Clearview school.
Doris Melius, Grade 7

Thursday, February 23, 1939
Today the weather was fair and the sun shone bright all day. The sixth, seventh, and eighth grades learned a new way to reduce fractions. It is a very easy way. There isn’t more to write about. Everything went allright today.
Elmer Melius, Grade VI

Friday, February 24, 1939
To-day it was a nice sunny day, which reminded us of spring. For art to-day we made ducks with little poke-bonnets and moveable feet, they also had umbrellas under their wings. To-day was the last day for our poems. So we were tested on them. Next Friday we had new poems. The new poems for next Friday are (for third and fourth grade) “Spring” the fifth and sixth grade’s poem is “Old Ironsides." The seventh and eighth grade have “The Heritage". The third and fourth grades and seventh and eighth grade had a History test. Jane is still out with the chicken-pox.
Eva Fenn, Grade 8

Monday, February 27, 1939
It was a sunny day. The nurse came and looking at us to see if any of us had the chicken poxes. Some boys from schools that had the eight week system came peeking in our windows and made us laugh because they made funny faces.
Evelyn Moghob, Grade 6, Four Corner School

Tuesday, February 29, 1939
To-day it was cloudy in the morning. And in the afternoon it started to rain. Helen Plaskett’s birthday is today. Billy Hooper spanked her. And on recess were playing snatchit and John bumped Paul Mednansky in the eye. Paul has a black eye now. Helen didn’t want to do her arithmetic. Then she started to cry. And Martin had to do three papers over again because they didn’t have any margins. The first grades got new books today. They promised they will take good care of them
Emily Mednansky, Grade 5

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