In September I was asked to spend a couple of hours with 19 exchange students from Spain. What better way to spend the time than at the Historical Society's restored schoolhouse and barn museum. Thanks to Bruce and Bev Mosher, and Jim and Corinne Curtis for taking to time to provide their expertise....

Click on the thumbnails below for a larger picture

Jim and Bruce await

School is in session

Wanna Kick the tires

Jim explaining tools

Corinne warming her hands

Bev at the board

Bruce explaining someting

Jim offering expertise

The next stop on the tour was the Samuel Peck House owned and restored by Bree and Alex Gurin. This is a classic farmhouse built in 1754. Thanks to Bree and Alex for taking the time out of their busy day to allow the tour.

Behind the house

Bree our hostess

Faces of wonder

Very Interesting

No springs..just ropes

Rope Tightener

It is comfortable

Play me

Amazing home