Email received from Butch Sankman

I just happened to discover your web-site, and the Memories came flooding back. I grew up in Harwinton. I attended Clearview School in first grade and Center School in second grade. I graduated from the eighth grade in 1954. We lived on Rt 118 in the house later occupied by a gentleman who raised competition oxen. His name was Mr. Hines, I don't recall his first name. My uncle, Albert Elwell lived next door. The mica mine on Davis Road was on my father's property. I spent a lot of time playing there as a kid.
My family moved to Texas in 1959 when my father, Bernie Sankman, had to move West for his health. I am currently living in Camarillo, California, and have lived on the West Coast for the past 35 years.

My fondest memories are of swimming in Red Hole, fishing in Leadmine Brook and Sam Jame's Pond, and going to the Harwinton Fair.

I was best known for a band I had in the 50's called "The Bushwackers". I was known as "Butch" Sankman then and we often played for dances at The Grange Hall, and The Burville Firehouse. I remember a 52 chevy that was wrapped around a tree on Mr. Pugnier's front lawn. We were returning from a performance at Uconn when I fell asleep at the wheel. Art Munson from Warren was in the car with me. He later went on to be the Righteous Brothers lead guitar player. The rest of the band was from Harwinton. It consisted of Vinnie Zolla, Dick Bartku, Kenny Crossfield and myself. We were all in high school except for Kenny who was in the eigth grade.

I remember working for the Town one summer, and one of my jobs was mowing the lawn in the cemetary near the Congregational Church. Other summer jobs included working on Peter Castelli's and Lloyd Shanley's farms, as well as a few others during haying season.

Warner Sankman