"North Cemetery"
by Raymond Bentley

An undated item (probably about 1883) in the VonTobel scrapbooks reads as follows;

Chester Case died at Prarie du Chien on the 13th at the age of 87

He came to harwinton at the age of 12 to live with his uncle, Phineas W. Noble. He worked in his store several years and then became a traveling merchant. His first wife was the daughter of Stephen A. Clark. After her death he married Miss Harriet Dart of Haddam. While a resident of Harwinton, mr. Case laid out the North Cemetery and his wife was the first one to be buried there.

In the cemetery I found a marble shaft with the following engraved on the west side; "Marilla Case wife of Chester N. case Died Feb. 9, 1847." Then on the south side is engraved, "First person buried in this grave yard."

An examination of the Acts of the General Assembly disclosed the following:

Incorporating the
Harwinton Rural Cemetery
Passed 1847

"Upon the petition of Truman Kellogg and others, praying for an act of incorporation for a burying ground:"

"Resolved, That Truman Kellogg, Phineas Noble, John Scoul, Chester N. Case and Abijah Catlin, and such other as have or may herafter associate with them, be and they are hereby incorporated be the name of "The Harwinton Rural Cemetery", and by that name they and thier seccessors may be capable of purchasing and holding real estate not exceeding two acres, may have succession, be capable of sueing and being sued, and shall have power at their meetings legally warned, to make such rules and regulations as they shall judge proper, for the well ordering and managing said burying ground, and settleing and conveying and making good title to several lots into which said ground may be delivered; and there shall be a clerk, who shall be sworn to keep and make true entries and records of all proceedings of said corporation, who shall, upon any three of the proprietors or owners of lots make application, warn all meetings by posting up notices thereof upon the signpost nearest said Cemetery in Harwinton, at least five days before the same is to be holden. And the proprietors may tax themselves to defray all necessary expenses in the well ordering of the same, and said Phineas W. Noble shall be the first clerk of said corporation, and shall continue in office until another is chosen; or in case of abscence or death of the clerk, any three on the proprietors may warn a meeting as aforesaid."

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