"West Cemetery"
by Raymond Bentley

At a Town Meeting on April 7, 1846, it was "Voted to instruct the Selectmen to Examine the Gibbs lot & also into the subject of extending the old Burying ground if they shall find either of them proper, to either extend the present burying ground or purchase the Gibbs lot." "But if they find any other place more suitable they shall report the same at a special or annual Town Meeting."

At another meeting on April 5, 1847, they "Voted to appoint a committee of five to locate a Burying ground & they shall find a suitable piece of ground to instruct them to purchase it for that porpose." "Julius Alfred, Willis Wilson, W.S. Goodsell, Jeremiah Holt and Joseph Bronson were appointed to that committee.

Nothing seemed to come of these two actions and five years later, at a Town Meeting on November 24, 1852, it was "Voted to instruct the Selectmen to make inquiry for suitable ground for burying purposes, to ascertain if whether the same can be had, the terms & to report to the annual meeting to held on the first Monday of October next."

At the next Town Meeting on October 3, 1853, there is no record of any report but they did take the following action: "Voted to instruct the Selectmen to purchase an addition to the Old Burying Ground if the same can be bought of Mr. Hungerford at a reasonable price, if not to purchase a lot for a burying ground forthwith at any price."

It was now seven years since they started looking for land and this action apparently brought results because we find the following in volume 17 of the Harwinton Land Records on Page 16, which is dated June 22, 1854:

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