"West Cemetery"
by Raymond Bentley

"I, Phineas W. Noble of Harwinton, in Litch. County and State of Connecticut for the consideration of four hundred and fifty dollars received to my full satisfaction of James Alling & Samuel S. Catlin selectmen of the town of Harwinton do give grant bargain sell and confirm unto the said selectmen & their successors in office one piece or parcel of land lying in Harwinton. Commencing at the South East corner at the corner formed by the North and South, East and West stone wall and running northerly to stake and stones twenty four rods, thence westerly to stake and stones twelve rods, thence southerly to stake and stones twenty four rods, thence easterly to the first mentioned corner twelve rods. Containing one acre, three rods and eight rods, & bounded on all sides by land of the Grantor together with the unobstructed roght of way (except by one gate) to said lot. Said way to commence near the east side of the shed at the place lately occupied by Alvord Morse. Said way to be at least twenty feet in width & to follow nearly in the old barn and cart path & if at any time said way shall be obstructed by snow or ice the privilege of passing through the lot west of said way or at some other place convenient across the land for at least four rods in width from the East side of said lot not to be plowed or otherwise obstructed. The said town to keep and maintain the fence around said lot."

It seems almost unbelievable that they would have paid such a price for one acre of land. There was apparently a feeling of need for another cemetery because, only four months later, on October 2, 1854, at a Twon meeting it was "Voted to authorize the selectmen to sell lots in the East and West Burying Grounds not to exceed one half the ground."

The first burial was made in the West Cemetery the following spring. There is a tall, brownstone monument south of the main drive with the following inscription" MELICENT wife of Solomon Baker died April 13, 1855. Age 59. The first internment in this yard."

ABout twelve years later they formed an Association for the care of the cemetery.

The above is written from excerpts from
by Raymond G. Bentley
Published in 1999