Childhood Memories of Harwinton

This is an area where our childhood memories of life in Harwinton can be shared. As this Web site grows wouldn’t it be great to share some of our fond memories of days gone by. Some people say that you can never go backwards but at least to me, our memories are what provide our ability to look back fondly and with pride.

If anyone wants to share a memory, please contact me through the means identified in the upper right-hand corner of any of these web pages.

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Memories of Lois Lenske-Art Covey (Joan Anderson Kirchner)

Memories of Harmony Hill Road (Francis Drake Lawrence)

Harmony Hill Road in the 50's (Joan Anderson Kirchner)

The Pond (Roger Plaskett)

Growing Up On South Road (Roger Plaskett)

Fenn Hill Farm (Susan Fenn McClen)

The Bushwhackers (Butch Sankman)

Swimming Hole (Susan Barber Drummond)

Growing up on North Road (Susan Barber Drummond)

My Grandfather (Susan Barber Drummond)

My Best Friend (Susan Barber Drummond)

The Slaying Of The Dragon (Camp's Bull) (Thomas Mahoney)

The Renaissance Woman (Terri Anderson)

Harwinton Fair Memories (Terri Anderson)

The following are topics coming in the future. If anyone has stories or pictures, please email them. There must be many of the swimming hole?


Harwinton Fair Memories

Farm Life

The Woodshed

The Privy (Hey...why not?)

I Remember my Grandparents(Come on now, surely you have some story)

The Barber Family Reunion

What I did on Halloween Night (It can now be revealed, get it off your chest, you are forgiven, probably because the person you "tricked" is long departed.)

Our Street was fun because .....

An Old fashioned Fourth of July