Hopkins and Alfred Clock Shop

Numerous clocks manufactured by Hopkins and Alfred exist today. One quick search of the Internet and they readily show up at many antique shops and auctions.

The above clock recently sold at auction in Rochester New York for $5,500.

It has been said that the dials on these unique clocks were hand painted by Alfred's two sisters, Louisa Sperry and Cynthia Gunn.
American machinists needed to be, and were, skilled in a variety of operational techniques. They were "jacks-of-all-trades" and many could identify the need for a special machine, design it and then build it to suit their particular application. These men were generalists while their English counterparts were not. "Yankee Ingenuity" personified. They were clockmakers, cabinet makers, tinsmiths and blacksmiths. This is why this partnership could manufacture products as diverse as rifles and clocks.

This old shop stood vacant by the river for so many years even surviving the great flood of 1955. It was the Army Corp of Engineers that would be its demise when the Thomaston Dam was constructed.

Even today the old foundation is still there with its beautiful stone archway marking where the used water was cycled back towards the river and the canal that channeled the water into the great wheel are still quite evident.

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