Harwinton Fair Memory by Clifford Anderson
Submitted by granddaughter - Terri Anderson

My grandfather Clifford Elmer Anderson was born in 1914 and died in January 2008. He related to me this memory about the Harwinton Fair in 2007 and I would like to share it with every one:

I can remember the Harwinton fair being held on a week day.

i went to the fair every year since i was a small child missing it only once, that was when my wife Phyllis was pregnant with one of our kids and was sick.

my family lived in Collinsville, ct. I can remember my parents coming to my school there and picking up my brother-Fred and I to bring us to the fair. when we got to the fair there would be about 2 dozen or so gypsies who had come there in covered wagons and took up in a farmers field for the night, then they would go to the fair that afternoon. They set up their tents for their fortune tellers and then the rest would go off to bargain with the horse farmers...trying to trade horses with them. Sometimes they were successful and sometimes they weren't.

In total I attended the fair for about 92 years. So much has changed since I attended my first one. It is no longer held on a week day and people no longer come in horse and wagon.

Terri Anderson
H arwinton, CT.