Solar Energy
Solar energy systems are allowed provided all options are evaluated that ensure the system will be installed in such a way that it has minimum impact on the historic character and appearance of the district. There are many companies with numerous products that provide aesthetically pleasing systems in this evolving technology. A simple search of the internet will provide the latest in solar energy systems.

For homeowners interested in using a more aesthetically pleasing product to solarize their home, CertainTeed offers a solar shingle, Apollo II, that the company states is as efficient as roof mounted solar panels and the price per kilowatt-hour is comparable to the price of roof mounted systems. The Apollo II product is similar to installing a giant skylight that is integrated in the shingle roof system and acts as the exposed roofing product where it is installed.  The surrounding asphalt shingles are flashed around the system, similar to flashing a skylight. Images and more detailed information can be viewed at

Wind Power
As of the publication of this booklet, Harwinton does not yet have a wind power ordinance. This commission reserves the right to adhere to or be stricter than any ordinance that might be enacted by the town. Considerations should be the size of the wind turbine and related tower. To be effective, the American Wind Energy Association recommends that the tower be 30 feet taller than any nearby structure and located not closer then 300 feet from any structures, trees or hills. It is recommended that the home owner’s property be at least two acres in size. Noise from the system should not exceed 60db at any property line.

Handicap Provisioning
We recognize the need to create handicap access entranceways for special needs people. We recommend that any access way adhere to the following recommendations:

1. The maximum slope of a wheelchair ramp should be 1" of rise for each 12" of run.

2. The maximum rise for any run is 30". The maximum run 30'.

3. The minimum inside clear width of a ramp should be 36".
Landings must be provided at the top and bottom of each run.

4. The landing should be at least as wide as the ramp, and a minimum of 60" in length.

5. Handrails must be provided on both sides of the ramp, between 30" and 38" above the ramp surface. These hand rails should be styled so that they closely match the architectural style of the dwelling.