In July of 2000 our Historical Soceity held a reunion of the One-Room schoolhouses. This wonderful event was very well attended. The invitations asked for memories to be written so they could be shared by creating a "Book of Memories". By posting the written memories of these former students, we get a first hand glimpse of what school life in Harwinton's one-room schoolhouses was really like from the memories of the people who experienced it. Since the reunion some have passed on but they have left us with a documented snap shot into our town's school history.

Our appearances have changed since then that’s true,
We hope to be recognizable to at least quite a few,
A friend once said “Don’t say you attended a one-room school”,
“it ages you, you little fool!”,
But truly I don’t really care,
It’s great to be here – this day to share,
Great memories, there are quite a few,
Some very old, some fairly new,
The ones we take home with us today,
Forever in our hearts will stay.

Val Soliani McNutty

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