1990 Honoree


A former president of the Harwinton Agricultural Society, well known for his involvement in youth activities and ox-draw competitions, is this year’s recipient.

Arthur Hine, 61, of Litchfield Road, was selected by the Arthur B. Poole Award Committee, after it received letters from residents recommending Hine’s nomination.

“I’m really proud that the townspeople think that much of me,” said Hine. “I felt really proud of that. It’s not that I want to boast about it – I want people to know that I’m really thankful.”

Hine, who had just returned home from a trip to Disney World in Florida with his wife, Nancy, and their four-year old grand-daughter, was notified by the committee last Sunday.

“I was at a lose for words,” said Hine, describing his surprise when he heard from Victoria Birden that he was the recipient. “It really is an honor to have.”

Hine, who served as president of the Harwinton Historical Society for 10 years, retired from the post in 1989. He is especially recognized for promoting youth involvement at the annual Harwinton Fair.

With help from the Agricultural Society, Hine in 1983 constructed a building on the fairgrounds exclusively for exhibitions by young people. Before then, their exhibitions were crammed into a small corner in the adult exhibitions building.

From 1965 to 1976, Hine, whose hobby is raising and training oxen for competition, was leader of the Litchfield County 4H ox trainers. He is an elder at the Holy Trinity Lutheran Church in Terryville, and as a member of the committee appointed to plan the town’s celebration of its 250th anniversary, Hine helped design Harwinton’s commemorative coin.

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