1993 Honoree


The Arthur B. Poole Memorial Award for community service will be presented this year to George Young, a resident of Harwinton for the past 17 years. “It’s true you don’t get elected to political office with it,” said Committee Chairman Bruce Mosher of the annual award. “It’s for community spirit really. The award is designed to encourage other to volunteer their time.”

Although Young, 67, has sold his house in Harwinton, and is scheduled to move to Litchfield next week, he will retain many ties with Harwinton, he said.

Visits to longtime friends in town and continued membership in the Historical Society and Agricultural Society will assure that he continues to spend time in Harwinton, Young said.

“There are many deserving people, I’m surprised to win the award,” Young said.

He recently resigned as chairman of the Economic Development Commission and gave up his position on the Historic District Commission because, come next week, he will no longer be a resident of Harwinton, he said.

But those are only two of the volunteer positions Young has filled during his many years as a Harwinton resident.

He has served as chairman of the Harwinton Republican Town Committee and as a member of the Town Hall Building committee.
He was a member of the Board of Finance and served on the New Public Library Commission and the Board of Directors of the T.A. Hungerford Memorial Library.

Young will receive between $300 and $500 to donate to the community organization of his choice, Mosher said.

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