1995 Honoree


Local resident John Audia reprised a 35 year love affair with Harwinton. The 65 year old Torrington born dynamo said he lived in “four different Torrington rental units” before buying a small home on Lake Harwinton Road in 1959.

“I told myself I’d Try establish a home here and try to contribute something to the community” Audia said.

Audia’s vow has taken him throughout Connecticut serving Harwinton. A partial list of his civic credits includes long stints with a variety of fraternal, civic and medical associations that included the Little League, the state Emergency medical Service Board, the Harwinton Ambulance Association, Veterans of Foreign Wars, usher and custodian of the Immaculate Heart of Mary Church and a number of Lions Club posts that included a regional directorship that covered 19 towns. He also organized the town’s first Boy Scout pack.

Master of ceremonies for the event was Ed Coyle, a personal friend of Audia’s from Sharon. Speakers included local Lions Club officer Walter Bell, District Lions Club Official Al Dodge and local attorney and former state representative Mike Rybak, among others.

Audia characterizes himself as a semi-retired, tire wholesaler. His “business assignments” now cover three states.

Harwinton Assessor Elizabeth Goodwin said Audia “represents the civic backbone of Harwinton.”

“I worked with John during his decade-long tenure on the Board of Finance,” she said. “His concern for the community was evident in everything he did.”

Local attorney and former state representative Mike Rybak said, “John and Marcia Audia represent Harwinton at it’s best”.

“The Audias kept the local Harwinton Ambulance Service alive and well by conducting door-to-door recruitment drives,” he said. “They have both served the area with distinction.”

Harwinton First Selectman Marie Knudsen said “John’s helping hands have always assisted this community.”

Audia said he was honored “to be ranked with other Poole recipients.”

“It’s hard to believe they’ve put me with the previous winners,” he said. “This ranks as one ofg the nicest honors of my life.”

Marcia Poole echoed her husband’s sentiments.

“We always felt it was just a natural thing to help friends and neighbors,” she said.

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