1983 Honoree


Forty-two years of community service has earned Kathryn C. Blood this year’s award.

Miss Blood moved to Harwinton 42 years ago after receiving a degree in Physical education from Sergeant School (now Boston University) and working with Girls Scouts for several years in Massachusetts.

She arrived in town several months before the bombing of Pearl Harbor. When the war effort began, Miss Blood “answered many calls for volunteer help and canvassed for everything.”

One of her first duties was to serve as an airplane spotter on Wildcat Hill Road. She also made sure the watch was maintained by other volunteers around the clock.

Because of the shortage of wartime volunteers, Miss Blood served in the hospital, arranging flowers, running the elevator, folding laundry (“thousands of diapers”) and manning the reception desk.

Due to gas rationing, as well as for recreation, Miss Blood and her friend, Anne Kirchofer, relied on bicycling for transportation. Miss Blood remembers using the bike while canvassing for photograph records, which contained materials needed for the war, and visiting in Burlington, a round trip of at least 15 miles.

Miss Blood began teaching Sunday school at the Congregational Church and was called on to direct the Children’s day pageant. To this day, (1983) she still directs the rehearsals and the event, and each year distributes flowers to all the children.

She has served as Sunday school superintendent since 1961 and directed the annual strawberry festival since that year. She continues to serve on the church council, the Board of Christian Education and the Woman’s Fellowship. She was also one of the church’s first deaconesses.

The Rev. Richard Giragosian, minister of the church, said Miss Blood “is so efficient at organizing the Sunday school, it enables me to spend more time with the teenagers and adults.”

Many friends consider Miss Blood a member of their families. Mrs. Kirchofer’s family had “Grandma Kay” as a teacher and would frequently ask her age. He reply was always “66.”

Another recipient of Miss Blood’s generous service has been the Hungerford Library. During the 40’s she was the Librarian and was elected a life member of the board of directors.

She has conducted a weekly story hour, a summer program for preschoolers and a “mobile library,” in which she takes 60 books to senior citizen’s meetings. The mobile library has fallen by the wayside but Miss Blood said she hopes to reinstitute is soon.

For 20 years, Miss Blood has served as chairman of welfare services for the Salvation Army, helping to distribute Christmas baskets to the needy. She is there in emergencies to provide food, fuel and temporary housing. Each year she organizes a drive for mittens, hats and canned goods for the group.

Other housing groups Miss Blood has helped include the Public Health Nursing Committee, Torrcon Woman’s Club, Harwinton Woman’s Club and the Historical Society.

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