2011 Honoree


Maddy and her husband, Joseph, have been Harwinton residents since 2000 and make their home on Harmony Hill. Maddy is quoted as saying, “I knew as soon as we drove into Harwinton looking for housing that I was going to love this town… and I do! The friendliness of the residents is the very best. I’m happy to call Harwinton my home”.

Maddy is known to wear many hats in Harwinton in which she has become very involved in the care and wellbeing of her neighbors, friends, and the community. She began joining community organizations and events almost immediately upon moving to Harwinton. She joined the Bronc Callahan Community Fund organization in 2001 and worked on and managed the Friends Helping Neighbors Committee for many years before stepping down in 2010 to become vice president, and currently she is serving as that organization’s president for a two-year term. She had served as vice president from 2004 to 2006 when an accident prevented her from becoming president. Maddy helps with many BCCF projects including the annual Tree of Hope and the Easter and Thanksgiving food baskets providing support to area families. She volunteers a great deal of time at the VW Bug-In event held annually as BCCF’s biggest fundraiser.

Maddy has just completed her second year as president of the Harwinton Woman’s Club and currently serves as the club’s parliamentarian. She was honored last year when she was chosen by the state president of the General Federation of Woman’s Clubs of Connecticut to be her corresponding secretary. As part of her responsibilities, she maintains communications with all members of both the local and the state organization.

Maddy is also very involved with the Harwinton Rod and Gun Club assisting with various aspects of annual events including the public archery shoots and Ladies Day, an event offered to women throughout the state who want to learn about firearm safety and self protection. She enjoys archery and rifle shooting.

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