1978 Honoree


Susan H. F. Stephenson named the 1978 recipient of the award. The first woman to win the award.

Mrs. Stephenson, a native of Canada but a resident here since 1950, served more than 20 years as town librarian at the Hungerford Memorial Library until her retirement in 1977.

In the late 1950’s and early 1960’s she volunteered as assistant at the Harwinton Elementary School Library.

She was a member of the library board for five years and is a charter member and treasurer of the Harwinton Historical Society.

She and her husband, William, live on Harmony Hill Road. They have three children.

Virginia Krajewski of the award committee presented the award to Mrs. Stephenson, saying she is “always cheerful always friendly, always willing to help.”

Mrs. Krajewski recalled the time Mrs. Stephenson went before the library board requesting that fluorescent light bulbs replace the single incandescent hanging from the ceiling. The board went into a lengthy discussion over the matter, and finally one board member spoke up in favor of the new lights. He said “we have fluorescents in our cow barn and they work fine there.”

Mrs. Krajewski recalled another time when Mrs. Stephenson went out to conduct the school census, done yearly around October. Often, when there was no one at home, the census takers would count the number of pumpkins on the porch and figure a pumpkin for each child.
Mrs. Stephenson, in receiving the award, said “if I’ve accomplished anything it hasn’t been on my own. It’s been with the help of you nice people.”

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