2004 Honoree


Terry Ferrarotti has spent most of his life endeavoring to make things better for people. Although only 32 years old, he has already racked up a lifetime’s worth of service in his hometown of Harwinton and this year is being honored as the youngest recipient of the Town’s prestigious Arthur B Poole/Harwinton Outstanding Citizen award. “I was very surprised” a modest Mr. Ferrarotti said. Its kind of something I looked at as a Lifetime Achievement award.” “I thought it was 20 or 30 years away.”

Not so according to members of the Award’s nominating panel. Committee member Dale Cagenello said that any doubt about giving the award to someone so young was vanquished after looking at Mr. Ferrarotti’s bio.

“We’ve never given the award to anyone this young, but whats age got to do with it?” she asked rhetorically. “We just really wanted to give it to someone who exemplifies volunteerism, and that’s Terry.” She said. “He’s always out doing something for somebody.”
She’s not exaggerating.

In addition to his job at Campion, Mr.s Ferrarotti is a Lieutenant with the Harwinton Volunteer Fire Department, the secretary and an executive board member of the Harwinton Ambulance Association, a member of the Republican Town Committee, and a founding member of the Bronc Callahan Community fund, an organization that provides anonymous aid to Harwinton citizens in need.

Born in Torrington, but reared in Harwinton since the age of 2, Mr. Ferrarotti said that volunteerism was instilled in him and his two brothers and two sisters through example.
“Our parents never pushed it on us,” he recalled. “My father was very active in the ambulance association and the Red Cross and my mother was very involved in church activities. I just grew up into volunteer service. It was just something I found really interesting.”

Ms. Cagenello paints a similar picture of the Ferrarotti family.
“His whole family was very into community service,” she said. “I think that’s why he’s so modest about it. He just doesn’t see it as such a big deal – and how nice is that?” she exclaimed with a laugh.

Indeed, rather than sing his own praises, Mr. Ferrarotti expounds upon the benefits of volunteerism.

“I get a lot of enjoyment out of it,” he said. “I enjoy helping people and it’s a great part of being a citizen in a small town. I’ll drive down Route 4 and I’ll know who everyone is. I don’t want to say it’s like a bar, but it’s kind of like Cheers, you know, where everyone knows your name.”

By way of example, Ms. Cagenello relates this vignette:
“My husband Brad, saw him at a Bronc Callahan Community Fund meeting one Saturday morning a couple of years ago. Later that day, Brad was at home and was going to find the minutes from that meeting to show them to me when he tripped on a rug and fell and broke his hip socket. The ambulance came to pick him up and who was driving it but Terry Ferrarotti!”

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